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    AeroStar Advance 150A ESC Opto

    AeroStar Advance 150A ESC Opto


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    Weight (g) 123
    Max Current (A) 150
    LiPo min 6
    LiPo max 12
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    AeroStar Advance Brushless ESC's represent the quality and features one wants in a brushless ESC. Wrapped in a heat dissipating case, these speed controls have heavy duty written all over them. They feature a number of different programing options to handle different motor timing, start up sequences and more! Heavy duty leads come ready to accept your choice of battery connector. Motor side we've installed 4.0mm bullet connectors. To prevent sparking from those high voltage packs, we have even included a anti-spark circuit.

    Program through your transmitter, or with the optional LCD program card. A key feature for you model is the ability to log data such as ESC temperature, voltage, current, and motor RPM! Designed for airplanes and helicopters. It features a advanced governor mode, as well as a smooth start, great for heli's or airplanes with gearboxes.

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